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[Expo] Participated in Naenara Travel Expo 2023

2023-04-18 조회수 858

Dabeeo participated in the 🎡Naenara Travel Expo2023 at Dongdaemun DDP from April 13th to 16th.



🗺 As the travel market, where maps are essential,

QRherewas introduced as an electronic map solution for travel destinations that can be easily used with QR codes⭕ without the need to download an app❌, and with GPS for easy navigation🕵️‍♀️. It was a great opportunity to introduce it to local governments and travel companies.



Especially, using Dabeeo's indoor map editor⚙ STUDIO makes it even easier to modify the map!

It would have been attractive to those responsible for updating travel destination information.👏



In addition, it was a meaningful exhibition because it could also be provided as a guide map inside the exhibition hall.


Hope to meet you at your destination🏖 and please try Dabeeo's map and QRhere, if you meet our services😊


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sales@dabeeo.com or 🔗www.dabeeo.com


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