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[Expo] Meet Dabeeo at Eureka park, CES 2023

2023-01-04 조회수 842

Meet Dabeeo at Eureka park, CES 2023



We attended the expo at Eureka Park, CES 2023 to show the STUDIO especially "Floorplan AI Parser"

which has been upgraded to transform image file to vector data automatically better.

Not only the AI parser, but also we presented QR.here service to Eureka Park map,

which we have always prepared for a demo of our indoor map data,

to have visitors use easily our map while there are in Eureka Park by scanning the QR code.


Let's find out how we were doing on the site! 🥰



CES 2023 다비오  CES 2023 다비오_2


CES 2023 다비오_3  CES 2023 다비오 4




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