The optimized platform for creating and managing the geospatial data


Dabeeo’s STUDIO is a service to digitize the spatial data and manage it for applications.
It supports a quick converting function that helps to make map data and easy tools that give the efficient management .

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Map Editor

Quickly and Conveniently
Create an Indoor Map Data

Not only for generating map with CAD file or floor plan image, but also for setting PoIs and languages with theme to make your own indoor service.

STUDIO Main Functions

Easy to Create

Possible to draw a map over a map image, or convert CAD/JPG/PNG to map data

Vector based Editing

Supporting data as vector format to make and edit conveniently


Possible to apply a various of style to the same map under different setting


Making a path for navigation through editing node and edge

Managing POI

Possible to create PoIs by drag&drop and manage PoI information

Release Controls

Supporting map release with Restful API and control function

Access Controls

Possible to make and set authorization levels for map platform users


Providing the status of the released indoor map and usage statistics by device
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