AI technology for reading and interpreting the Earth


Dabeeo’s AI technology is for detection the changes and the objects over broad area.
It gives the understanding situations of various industries such as city, environment and etc. through image deep learning based data.

Object Detection

Extracting Objects which is hard to find or have large numbers of objects at once.

This feature let you extract certain object from imagery data with EARTHEYE which is used to be done by manual before. It can help a lot of industry for purpose.

Object Shape and Tracing

Quickly and precisely detecting the shape and outlines of objects

A technology that extracts boundary surfaces or structural center-lines that correspond to the form of elements in a wide range of maps, can track and detect outline information such as buildings and roads.

Change Detection

Monitoring Changes of area and objects

You can see the data automatically analyzed to see changes over time line for certain area through satellite, aerial, drone imagery. It is useful for large area observation.


Object Detection

Track the target objects from imagery data

Change Detection

Monitor changes of area, features, and etc.

Outline extraction

For utilizing GIS data, extract the features’ footprints

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