Infrastructure-free Indoor Positioning System

Interactive Map VPATH

Dabeeo's indoor positioning system VPATH is vision data based AI technology
through camera for finding users location.
You can add AR contents to make a mixed reality service.

Vision based Indoor Positioning System

Indoor Positioning with Camera Sensors

Making up for Beacon and WiFi method to find out ones’ location in the venue, Dabeeo’s VPATH can be useful. It is possible to find a position in building with AI technology analyzing image data.

AR Navigation

A Variety of Service with AR Contents

Supporting android SDK and iOS SDK for using VPS data and HD level indoor map data, you can develop AR navigation and other AR services.

VPATH Main Features

Vision based Positioning Recongnition

An Infraless positioning technology, no beacons or other sensors but camera vision is used for.

AR Navigation

An AR guide that shows all the path to the destination as a mixed reality

Add on AR Contents

Possible to make a mixed reality service putting on various AR contents