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LBS Technology

Dabeeo provides reasonable and competitive map technology for mobile / web / kiosk / robot location services.

Dabeeo’s Map Solution, with core technology of global map, mobile map and indoor map, provides a high level of efficiency during the process of establishing a new site – transforming to platform – continuous operating of services so as location-based service for various purposes to be built, and supports the technology needed for location information-based big data analysis.

Deep learning-based data creating tech

Based on the high efficiency of Dabeeo’s global / indoor map, we are expanding the convenience of map-based services by developing and supplying various applications to the smart platform-based industries.
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Indoor map data creating tech

We can easily create indoor map service applications by converting CAD file to the indoor map data which can provide efficiency for indoor map data creation and operation.
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Indoor positioning tech

It is a complex positioining-based tech that provides the basis for reasonable indoor positioning, and this enables precise indoor positioning through Wi-Fi, beacons and geomagnetics.
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Multi-platform application tech

Developing software applications that is flexible in responding to atmospheres such as mobile / web / kiosk / robot, Dabeeo can also develop application service that meets the needs of the customers or that operates flexibly with already-built system.
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Experience the Dabeeo indoor map platform. (IE will be supported later)
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LBS Solution

Mobile map solution

Providing location-based big data analysis / visualization to further enhance the variety of features, tourists’ satisfaction and marketing effects required for mobile services that are the based on smart tourism & travel.

Map API solution

Providing the core functions of map tech that are necessary for innovative mash-up services through web-based API, and providing installation type map solution for enterprise customers.

Indoor map solution

Providing core tech of indoor map implementation suitable for indoor map services, and supporting various positioning methods, and providing various features to increase users’ stay time.



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