Together We Can Do More

Established in 2012, Dabeeo is a map tech and platform developing company, and is striving to present a better vision through technology, people, and the value of future. To develop open platform-based map technology, spread our vision ‘Growing by Sharing’, and provide convenience to the world with innovative goals.

We will continuously challenge for the world where everyone dreams happy by new technologies and sharing them which make the future more valuable.


Oct. Selected for TEAC Program by SKT
Sep. MoU with Busan Tourism Organizaion for Smart Tourism
Aug. Selected one of Biz-Collaboration partners of KT
Jun. Selected as an excellent company at Startup Meetup event by S-Oil x SBA
May. Selected one of 5GX Accelerators in True Innovation of SKT
Dec.Selected to Samsung C-Lab Outside
Nov.Dabeeo X DGIST AI Lab open
Nov.Selected a company possible to serve military service as a researcher
Nov.Established a Branch at Hanoi, Vietnam
Oct.Launched Dabeeomaps Indoor Map Platform
Sept.Promted investment from HB Investment, Shinhan Capital and etc.
Apr.Won a Minister Prize the most innovative from MSIT at World IT Show 2019
Dec.Selected as a best family friendly Company
Sept.A partnership with LG
Aug.A MoU with AIRBUS for technical co-work for deep-learning
May.Certificated as Inno-Biz company by MMS
Apr.Provided LBS technology for autonomous cart robot of Emart ‘e-li’
Oct.Launched integrated mobile application for Shinsegae Starfield
Aug.Promoted investment from Mirae Asset, Naver and SJ
Mar.Launched mobile application, ‘Travelmaps’
Jan.K-K-Global Selected as K-Global 300 prosperous company (MSIFP)
Dec.Winner of the runner-up prize at international star-venture contest
Sept.Launched mobile app service for Shinsegae Starfield Hanam
Mar.Executed an MOU with Shinsegae I&C
Nov.Launched ‘Safe T-map’ application with Korea Tourism Organization for safe traveling of foreign tourists
Sept.Launched travel commerce service with GS Home Shopping based on Dabeeo solution
Mar.Signed an exclusive copyright contract for ‘Travel News’ contents
Jan.Promoted BonAngels’ investment
Nov.Launched map-based collaboration service ‘Tour Tips guidebook’ & ‘Beemap guide service’
Oct.Won Silver Prize for foreign investment promotion program ‘Stargup Engine’ (NIPA)
Sept.Selected as Innovative technology development project conductor 2014
Jul.Launched global travel platform ‘Tourplanb’
Jun.GOOK platform tech dev. project (MCST & NIPA)
May.Conductor of LBS IT dev. project (MCST & KCTI)
Mar.Launched Smart Tour Planner ‘Tourplanb’ (Web) beta service
Jan.Conducted a project on free location-based audio-guide development (KCTI)
Dec.Concluded a contents agreement with global tourism organizations (California, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Saipan, etc.)
Oct.Selected as a conductor of domestic tourism sign DB system development project (MCST & KCTI)
May.Signed a contract with Hana Tour Global Contents Supply
Jan.Established Dabeeo Research Center
Dec.Concluded an agreement with MSS as a conductor of innovative tech dev. project
Jul.Winner of the Venture Competition rewarded by Korea Tourism Organization and received Minister prize
Jun.Selected as K-APPS HTML5 supplier
Feb.Dabeeo, Inc. was established

Certification and Award

Certification and Award

Oct.Won the Best Prize at BOEING Open Innovation pitching competition
Apr.Won a Minister Prize the most innovative from MSIT at World IT Show 2019
May.Selected as Inno-Biz(innovative small sized business) company
May.Winner of the 2nd Beyond TIPS (SMEs Administration)
Jan.Selected as K-Global 300 prosperous company (MSIP)
Dec.Won the 2nd Prize of Start-up Demo Day (NIPA & MSIP)
Oct.Won Silver Prize for Foreign Investment Promotion Program ‘Startup Engine’ (NIPA)
Sept.Selected as a leading company of Innovative technology development (SMBA)